Peyton Manning: Shattering The Record Books

One of the most dominant players in NFL history has been quarterback Peyton Manning, who has played for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Throughout his career, Manning has frequently been considered among the best quarterbacks of all time and has broken several NFL records and will likely continue to break more in the future.

Peyton Manning presently holds many impressive NFL passing records. Among those records, Manning is the all-time leader with 12 seasons with at least 4,000 yards passing, the all-time leader with 13 seasons [Read more →]

The Top Five Outrageous Football Scandals

2010–TBD 2009–Pittsburgh (AFC) 27, Arizona (NFC) 23 2008–N.Y. Giants (NFC) 17, New England (AFC) 14 2007–Indianapolis (AFC) 29, Chicago (NFC) 17 2006–Pittsburgh (AFC) 21, Seattle (NFC) 10 2005–New England (AFC) 24, Philadelphia (NFC) 21 2004–New England (AFC) 32, Carolina (NFC) 29 2003–Tampa Bay (NFC) 48, Oakland (AFC) 21 2002–New England (AFC) 20, St. Louis (NFC) 17 2001–Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34, N.Y. Giants (NFC) 7 2000–St. Louis (NFC) 23, Tennessee (AFC) 16 1999–Denver (AFC) 34, Atlanta (NFC) 19 1998–Denver (AFC) 31, Green Bay (NFC) 24 1997–Green Bay (NFC) 35, New England (AFC) 21 1996–Dallas (NFC) 27, Pittsburgh (AFC) 17 1995–San Francisco (NFC) 49, San Diego (AFC) 26 1994–Dallas (NFC) 30, Buffalo (AFC) 13 1993–Dallas (NFC) 52, Buffalo (AFC) 17 1992–Washington (NFC) 37, Buffalo (AFC) 24 1991–N.Y. Giants (NFC) 20, Buffalo (AFC) 19 1990–San Francisco (NFC) 55, Denver (AFC) 10 1989–San Francisco (NFC) 20, Cincinnati (AFC) 16 1988–Washington (NFC) 42, Denver (AFC) 10 1987–N.Y. Giants (NFC) 39, DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, Denver (AFC) 20 1986–Chicago (NFC) 46, New England (AFC) 10 1985–San Francisco (NFC) 38, Miami (AFC) 16 1984–L.A. Raiders (AFC) 38, Washington (NFC) 9 1983–Washington (NFC) 27, Miami (AFC) 17 1982–San Francisco (NFC) 26, Cincinnati (AFC) 21 1981–Oakland (AFC) 27, Philadelphia (NFC) 10 1980–Pittsburgh (AFC) 31, L.A. Rams (NFC) 19 1979–Pittsburgh (AFC) 35, Dallas (NFC) 31 1978–Dallas (NFC) 27, Denver (AFC) 10 1977–Oakland (AFC) 32, Minnesota (NFC) 14 1976–Pittsburgh (AFC) 21, Dallas (NFC) 17 1975–Pittsburgh (AFC) 16, Minnesota (NFC) 6 1974–Miami (AFC) 24, Minnesota (NFC) 7 1973–Miami (AFC) 14, Washington (NFC) 7 1972–Dallas (NFC) 24, Miami (AFC) 3 1971–Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16, Dallas (NFC) 13 1970–Kansas City (AFL) 23, Minnesota (NFL) 7 1969–N.Y. Jets (AFL) 16, Baltimore Colts (NFL) 7 1968–Green Bay (NFL) 33, Oakland (AFL) 14 1967–Green Bay (NFL) 35, Kansas City (AFL) 10

Tom Brady: Is He Man Or Machine?

Given the long list of accomplishments and robust statistics that he has compiled over the years, it’s understandable that many consider Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to be a football machine. After springing on the scene around the turn-of-the-century following an injury to then New England starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe, Brady’s career took off like a rocket, and he has not been back to Earth since.

After over a dozen years in the professional ranks, some are now [Read more →]

The Rookie NFL Class Of 2011

While the 2011 National Football League rookie class won’t go down as the best in history, it still had its fair share of great stars. Who was the first overall pick, what wide receivers are already considered some of the best in the league and what defensive stars came from the 2011 NFL draft?
Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers, 1 overall pick
The Panthers used the first overall pick in the 2011 draft to select the standout quarterback from Auburn. He had an incredible rookie season, but regressed [Read more →]

The NFL’s Hall Of Fame: Canton’s Finest

It’s only fitting that the National Football League’s Hall of Fame be located in Canton, Ohio since the league was founded in the city in 1920, and the Canton Bulldogs were the league’s first “dynasty,” winning championships in 1922 and 1923.

Since the Hall of Fame”s opening in 1963, a total of 273 former players, coaches and contributors have been enshrined. The Chicago Bears, with 30, have the most honorees, while offensive linemen lead enshrinement by position, with 37. The youngest-ever honoree was former Bears RB Gale Sayers, whose career was shortened ny injury, entered the Hall [Read more →]

Drew Brees: The Big Man In The Big Easy

Drew Brees the big man, in the big easy is considered by many experts to being one of the best current National Football League quarterbacks. Brees is a five time Pro Bowl selection, a three time National Football Conference Offensive Player of the Year, the 2008 Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year and the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XLIV.

Brees in College

Brees played his college ball at Purdue University in which he led the Boilermakers to the 2001Rose Bowl and a Co Big Ten Championship. At Purdue [Read more →]

On The Road With The Dallas Cowboys

On the road with the Dallas Cowboys could refer to many things in their history, but nothing is as unusual as the curse that has followed them over the years. It is about the color of thier jerseys and is something that has been debated for some time. The tradition was begun by Tex Schramm in 1964, but he still claims that he does not believe in the curse and that it was only to let fans see the opponents colors at home games.

When on the road they their offical blue jerseys that go with their uniforms, but at [Read more →]

The Who’s Who List Of The NFL

The NFL is an interesting league. Unlike many other sports, superstars do not necessarily run football but rather well balanced team with above average players can win Super Bowls and be successful. With that said, there are still players in the NFL that who are considered super stars and are the most well known players in the league due to their abilities and success in the NFL. Along with the pioneers who brought the NFL to a mainstream league, modern day superstars in the NFL are some of the most recognizable public figures in sports.

There are a [

A Few Facts: Hines Ward

Whether you watch his old footage on satellite channels from catch reruns of his games on network TV, you’ve got to admire the man, the myth, and the legend that is Hines Ward. Besides his recent stint on Dancing With the Stars, here are a few of the notable facts you need to know about the pride of Georgia…
Though Hines Ward won the Heisman Trophy for the University of Georgia he [Read more →]

The Top Ten NFL Players Of Tomorrow

Every season, football has a handful of players who enjoy “breakout” years. These players eventually fall into three categories: “One-hit-wonders,” “Veteran pros,” and “Hall-of-Famers.” Here are ten young players who have the potential to join the latter group.

Patrick Willis, LB, San Francisco, has already been named to the Pro Bowl each season. Green Bay TE Jermichael Finley’s knee injury prevented him from playing in the Packers Super Bowl triumph, but no one doubts his future success. QB Tim Tebow, Denver. Some still complain about his mechanics, [Read more →]